What is Dara all about?

Dara means oak.

In the Irish language Dara is synonymous with oak. A tree both sacred alive and valued as wood. In particular, shipwrights are drawn to its rugged attributes and durability in a marine environment. It is a very fitting mascot.

Since 2010 I have been cutting and working with trees. It is a passion that came from growing up at the foothills of the White Mountains of central NH. With an array of experience in many aspects of arboriculture and forestry, I feel confident in any wooded New England setting to identify and manage trees to achieve landowner goals.

In 2013 I took a few years to learn about building wooden boats at Pease Boatworks, now Firstlight, in Chatham Massachusetts. I was immersed in both modern and traditional construction techniques. I spent this time realizing the disconnect that the forest industry had with this and many other traditional wood crafts. There was always difficulty finding the trees to build boats, even though they were just growing in the woods.

I founded Dara with the idea that we need to rebuild the disconnected relationship of nature and humans as well as foresters and craftspeople. Money drives foresters to choose what gets cut and its not always economic for them to cut crooks and knees. I provide a service to these people that begins with sustainable forest management and ends with fine timber.

Contact me if you are interested in forestry management, high quality and locally harvested timber, or building wooden boats.

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