Timber Stock

Dimensional and custom cuts.

Please reach out for the most updated list of available stock. Lumber is sold per board foot and custom milling is bid out at $95 hour. Most timber is less than 16′ but can be cut up to 23′. The stock list will grow as species become available.

White Oak Quercus Alba

Flatsawn under 10′$6 bd ft
Flatsawn over 10′$7 bd ft
Quartersawn under 10′$8 bd ft
Quartersawn over 10′$9 bd ft
Knee Stock$50 inch thickness
For more information on knee stock and curved timber, click here.

Atlantic White Cedar Chamaecyparis Thyoides

Planking Stock 12′$5 bd ft
Planking Stock over 12′$5.50 bd ft
4/4 Edged$4 bd ft
Planking stock is clear or tight knot grain

Black Walnut Juglans Nigra

Live edge slabs$8 bd ft
Live edge over 10′$9 bd ft
Sawn edge up to 8/4$8 bd ft
Sawn edge above 8/4$9 bd ft

Sassafras Sassafras Albidum

Flatsawn under 8′$5 bd ft
Flatsawn over 8′$6 bd ft
Quartersawn under 8′$6 bd ft
Quartersawn over 8′$8 bd ft
Great for structural wood in small boats

White Pine Pinus Strobus

Under 16′$1 bd ft
Over 16′$1.50 bd ft
Premium$2 bd ft

Black Spruce Picea Mariana

Under 8/4 and 16′$3 bd ft
Over 8/4 or 16′$4 bd ft
Premium spar grade$7 bd ft

Yew Taxus Baccata

Crooked and knee stock$35 inch
Only available small sizes

Boxwood Buxus

Carving wood$10 lb

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